Dancing Fish Cat Toy Cat Fish Toy USB Electronic Simulation Pet Toy Fish for Cat Play

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Cats will love these fish toy when they see it at the first sight!

They look like the real fish and the electric wagging fish can also move the tail to attract the cats to catch them. With catmint inside the toy fish, your cat can enjoy the special smell and stay excited for few minutes.

When cat falls in love with the fish, just let them have it.


Super Realistic Fish Toy: High definition pattern, just look like real fish. No easy color fading after long time playing.

Long-lasting strong fragrance can attract the cat to be excited or more.

Comfortable Plush: Thicken non-toxic and soft fabric of great scratch and bite resistance does no harm to the cats bite and lick.

Moving Tail: The wagging effect is so funny that will raise the attention of the cats.(Only For Wagging Fish)

Convenient USB Charging: Comes with rechargeable lithium battery. Can charge it with power bank, computer or smart phone.(Only For Wagging Fish)

Easy To Clean: The battery/catmint bag can be remove easily so that you can wash the toy if it gets dirty.